Monthly Archives: September 2016

Tutorial: Uploading files in Box using an app

We can use Boomi Flow to build an app that will upload files to Box. We can use the Box service to authenticate end-users of the app...

UI 2.50.2

September 29, 2016 Fixes: Selection being lost in a select box that has events and is populated via an objectdata request Vendor Assets   Versioned Assets  

Core 1.70.0

September 29, 2016 Fixed: Now checking if a token exists before saving authenticated users Now using the wrapped Exception's...

UI 2.50.0

September 29, 2016 Fixed: Fixed input not re-rendering new value for numbers or datetimes Added bottom margin to the...

System Flows 1.11.0

September 29, 2016 Fixed: Fixed an issue whereby"Is Editable" was always checked when editing a Page Component

System Flows 1.10.0

September 27, 2016 Fixed: References to value in an existing Page Conditions rule not displaying the correct value

Configuring the Timer service

The Timer service is a Boomi Flow plug-in that lets you pause your flow and resume again, from within the flow itself. The service is particularly useful...

System Flows 1.9.0

September 23, 2016 Fixed: Vertical scrollbar being displayed in the value selector when selecting the type of a new value

UI 2.49.0

September 21, 2016 Features: Added new chart components, currently supports: bar, line, pie, doughnut & polar visualizations. More information on charts can be...

System Flows 1.8.0

September 16, 2016 Fixed: Options for "Access" when creating a new Value from the value selector displaying capitalized Default...

UI 2.48.0

September 09, 2016 Improvements: Added support for rendering the label in the Presentation component. Vendor Assets   Versioned Assets  

Tooling 1.17.0

September 09, 2016 Fixed: Can't clear an existing Value selected for a Service Configuration value. "Comments" textarea right border not...

System Flows 1.7.0

September 09, 2016 Fixed: Controls in the new Value dialog (opened from the value selector) overflow popup container on certain screen resolutions.

Core 1.69.1

September 08, 2016 Fixed: $User object Role and Group Information being lost when joining a Flow

System Flows 1.6.0

September 08, 2016 Features: Added a new flow to support creating new Values from the value selector Fixed: Selected Values not being...

Tooling 1.16.0

September 08, 2016 Features: Its now possible to create a new value from within the value selector. If you already have a value...

UI 2.47.0

September 08, 2016 Improvements: Changed Select box to stretch to the width of the search text or the label of the selected item Fixed: ...

Working with flow versions

Boomi Flow includes a full versioning capability for flow edits. A new flow version gets created every time a flow is run or published. You can...

Tooling 1.15.2

September 07, 2016 Fixed: Increased Value Selector search result limit to 5000 items.

Core 1.69.0

September 06, 2016 Improvements: Added extra details to the $User object, specifically: Role Id, Role Name, Primary Group Id & Primary Group Name Fixes: ...

Tooling 1.15.1

September 06, 2016 Fixed: Increased Value Selector search result limit to 1000 items

Core 1.68.1

September 02, 2016 Improvements: Added support for searching in Value name & property name when searching for Values

Tooling 1.15.0

September 02, 2016 Features Redesigned the Value selector. Values now display some meta information including, ContentType, Type and the Service the Type was installed...

UI 2.46.4

September 01, 2016 Fixed: Added styling to display a red border when the select box is invalid Vendor Assets   Versioned Assets  

Tooling 1.14.2

September 01, 2016 Fixed: Value selector not displaying its value as cleared after clicking on the "x" Action bar in...

UI 2.46.3

September 01, 2016 Fixed: Select box options not initially populated if loaded via an objectdata request and no pre-selected option exists Vendor Assets   Versioned Assets  

UI 2.46.2

September 01, 2016 Fixed: Pre-selected options not being displayed in a combobox if the object data is paginated and doesn't contain the pre-selected...

Configuring Twilio

Twilio is a cloud communications service for voice and messaging applications. You can integrate Twilio with Boomi Flow to send users text messages, or initiate calls to your...

Configuring Box

Box is a file sharing, storage, and collaboration service for enterprises. You can integrate Box with Boomi Flow to modify, share, or edit documents and folders...

Debugging a flow

The Boomi Flow debugger lets you observe run-time behavior of your flow, and track Root Faults, Component Errors, Pre-Commit State Values, State Values, and Execution Log. Here is a snapshot...