Adding a data store (Using the drawing tool)

A store is a location used to store state data from the Boomi Flow platform externally. Having an external data store, outside the realms of where the Flow platform stores state data, gives you even more granular control over your flow state data. For example, you can have the data reside on your favorite cloud, or even on-prem, if you like.

An external data store can be used for specific data residency and compliance requirements, giving you the freedom to decide where your state data ultimately resides, based on your unique business needs.

Here is how you can add a data store using the drawing tool:

  1. Click External Storage to open the External Storage tab. All the data stores that are present in the tenant are listed here.
  2. Click New Store.

    This opens the Create a new Store tab.
  3. Enter the name of your data store in the Store Name field, and your endpoint in the Endpoint field.
  4. If you have authentication set up in your data store, you will need to enter the username and password in the User Name and Password fields respectively.
  5. Click Add Store. This opens the Store Keys tab.

    You will see that the platform has generated a pair of unique platform and receiver keys. Save the keys in a safe location! You will need to use the keys later when creating an external store.
  6. Click Done.

You can add multiple stores in a tenant; however only one store can be set as the external storage at a time.