Adding a new container

Page containers is like a scaffolding for the page layout! Containers allow flow builders to set out the relative position of page components on the page.

If we are comparing notes with HTML5, a page container is very much like a div tag; it does not have any value or input, and is simply used to determine the layout of the page.

A new page layout comes with a default container called the Main Container.

Here is how we can add a new container to the page layout:
    1. Click anywhere on the Main Container. This opens the settings menu for the container.
    2. Click the + icon.

      This opens a configuration panel on the right.
    3. Enter a name and optionally a label for the new container in the Name and Label fields.
    4. Click Save Container.

      This adds the new container inside the Main Container in the page.

      If we like, we can nest containers in the page.

    We added a new container inside the new container here.

    All page layouts must have at least one page container.