Adding custom style to an app

You can add custom CSS to style the content of the apps you are building using Boomi Flow. To add custom styles, you can upload a CSS file (the file name has to be customstyles.css) containing custom CSS Classes as an Asset, and select the Class you want, while formatting the content in the editor.

Uploading the Custom Styles CSS file
  1. Click LOG IN to login to the Boomi Flow Drawing Tool. 
  2. Click Assets and then click Upload.
  3. Upload the customstyles.css file. (In this example, we will upload a .css file with a class called .protip. You can download the CSS file here, or open a text editor, write .protip {color: lime; font-family: verdana} and save the file as customstyles.css – be careful when you are naming the file, no other filenames will work.)

Using custom style
  1. Write the text in the editor. (Example: In a Step element.)
  2. Select the text, click Format, and select the custom style from the Formats menu.