Authenticating app users

When a flow is created, you must define the overall authentication for the flow – and the directory the user must authenticate against to gain access. There are multiple service providers you can use for authenticating your end-users – like Salesforce or Box. You can also use the default ManyWho Identity service that comes with your tenant, if you do not want to use a third-party integration.

Example: Using Salesforce

Select the Salesforce service, when creating a new flow.

Click Continue to go to the next screen, and select Any user that can login with the selected identity service can run this flow from the Access menu. When the app is run, users will have to log in with their Salesforce credentials to continue.

The authentication process can rely on specific user access, group access or location requirements.

The service configuration tells you whether a particular service supports identity. For example, if you look at Box, the Identity box is checked:

If you look at the Timer service, which does not support Identity, the same box is unchecked:


You can use the swimlane element to use different authentication strategies for some parts of the flow. For example, you can split the same process to take different lanes for different people, groups of people, or subprocesses. In an approval process, for example, employees can fill in the details of a purchase order, and submit to their manager for approval. The employees would be one swimlane – with permissions for employees. The manager would be another swimlane – with permissions for either all managers or that employee’s manager.

When you are using a swimlane element, the default behavior of the Boomi Flow runtime is that the user will not be excluded from the flow, and can continue to get status updates and collaborate. However, the user cannot edit or take any actions.

You can create a swimlane, by dragging and dropping a swimlane element from the sidebar to the canvas, and adding elements inside it.

You can use multiple swimlanes in a flow.