Building a menu with navigation

You can create a menu using the navigation element to build a non-sequential flow, where elements can execute independently of each other.

Let’s say you want to build a microsite, where the user has the option of navigating the Home page, or going to the Community, FAQ, or Contact Us pages. The flow will look something like this:

Notice, we do not have any outcomes connecting the Community, FAQ, and Contact Us pages.

Now let’s build the menu using navigation:

Click the Navigation icon on the right-hand-side menu.

Click New Navigation.

Enter a name and label for the navigation in the Name and Label fields. Example: Nav 1. It is recommended that you use the same name for the Name and Label fields to avoid any confusion if you need to edit the flow in the future.

The label is what the user will see along with the navigation. The label field is optional – you can leave it blank if you do not want to have an explicit name for the menu in your app.

Click the + icon.

This expands the menu to include the name and label of the element you want to include in the navigation.

Type Home in the Name and Label fields, and select Home as the Map Element. The label field is not optional here – in the app, it gets converted into a clickable tab for the user.

Click Save. This adds the Home menu item to the navigation.

You can continue to click the + icon and add additional map elements to the menu bar.

You can also select a menu item, and move it around the menu bar to reposition it.

When you are done, click Save Navigation to save the navigation. If you like, you can also add any comments you want for this navigation. The comments are not shown to end-users of the app, and are for your future reference only (yes, much like we comment code).

The navigation is now listed under the Navigations in the flow.

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