Cloning the ManyWho Visualforce page

It is recommended that you clone your ManyWho page, rename it, and then make any edits you may have to the new page, while leaving the original page intact. If you change the original ManyWho Visualforce page, the edits will be overwritten when the ManyWho SDK is updated.

A ManyWho page can be associated with a single Salesforce Object. Clone the page when you are associating it with an Object in Salesforce, and for each subsequent Object. Example: A page associated with Case, and another page associated with Accounts.

A ManyWho page can be associated with a single Flow ID. Clone the page when you are hard coding the Flow ID into the page, and for each subsequent flow.

Cloning the ManyWho page also lets you customize UI components or CSS for that particular page (or flow), to style that flow differently from any other flows you may have.

Here is how to clone your ManyWho Visualforce page:

  1. Click here to login to your Salesforce org.
  2. Click Setup.
  3. Click Develop to expand the options.
  4. Click VisualForce Pages and select the ManyWhoFlow page.
  5. Click Clone.
  6. Enter a Name and Label.
  7. Delete the comments warning us to not change the code of the page. This is not the original Visualforce page, but a clone.
  8. Click Save to save the page.

The ManyWho page clone is now saved as a new page. This page will be listed in the list of Visualforce Pages in the Develop menu under Build, from the Setup area. You can come back and update this page anytime. Remember to click Quick Save frequently to save your changes as you are editing the page.