Cloning page layouts

You can clone a page layout in Flow using the in-built API editor in the drawing tool. Cloning a page layout creates a copy of the page in your tenant.

Let’s say you have a page called (very aptly, so) Clone me.

Here is how to create a clone:

  1. Find the ID of the page layout and save it.
  2. Say to yourself, “Begun, the clone war has.” (Optional)
  3. Click API.

    This opens the API editor.
  4. Copy-paste api/draw/1/element/page/ in the address field. Add the Page ID you had saved earlier, after the slash. This is what the address field will look like:
  5. Click GET. This populates the Response column with the metadata of the page layout.

    You will also get a success message confirming the request was completed.
  6. Copy the metadata and post it in the Request column.
  7. Next up, you are going to be deleting the Page ID. For example: b2abb389-9051-45e6-9250-e25dfd9ec45b in this example.
  8. From the address bar, remove the ID. (POST requests in Flow need to be done against the object root, and not the ID, in case you were wondering.)

    This is what the end-point will be: api/draw/1/element/page/
  9. Click POST. You will get the success message: POST to api/draw/1/element/page/ completed successfully. This also creates a clone of the page. 

You can see the copy of the page in the Page Tab: