Configuring Azuqua service integration

With Flow, you can integrate your flows with cloud application platforms such as Salesforce, Box, or Twilio. You may also have various databases or other third-party applications, you’d like your apps to work with. You can add a workflow built on the Azuqua platform, to a flow built on the ManyWho platform. Here is how you can build a ManyWho-Azuqua service integration:

  1. Go to your workflow Dashboard in Azuqua.
  2. Click the API Access button on the workflow.
  3. Select the From anywhere option.
  4. At the bottom of the dialog, copy the workflow URL.
  5. Open a text editor, and create the following JSON:

Your Azuqua workflow should start with an HTTP POST and end with an HTTP Return. The input and output parameters should match the parameters of your entrypoint and response HTTP.

Once you’ve created your configuration file, you can upload it as a ManyWho Asset. You can also put the file in any publicly accessible location. Make a note of the URL of the file once uploaded.


When installing the service, use the following settings:

Connection URI

Configuration Values

Name Type Required Description
Access Key String the Access Key for your Azuqua account
Access Secret Password the Access Secret for your Azuqua account
Flos Description URL  Password the URL for the configuration file you uploaded in the previous steps