Configuring Box

Box is a file sharing, storage, and collaboration service for enterprises.

You can integrate Box with ManyWho to modify, share, or edit documents and folders stored in Box in an app. You can also use the integration to trigger an action in ManyWho if a document or folder is edited, downloaded, or uploaded in Box.

Box has three types of plans – Personal Plans, Business Plans, and Platform Plans. The functionalities you will get, depend on the type of Box account you have. For example, if you want to use Metadata, an Enterprise plan is required.

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Installing the Box Service in ManyWho

You will install the Box service in ManyWho and then configure the ManyWho app in Box.


  • ManyWho credentials (If you do not have a ManyWho login, please click here to request one)
  • Box credentials 

Here’s how to install the Box service integration in ManyWho:

  1. Click LOG IN to login to the ManyWho Drawing Tool, and select Services.
  2. Click New Service.
  3. In the Name field, type Box.
  4. In the URL for the Service box, copy-paste:
  5. Click Continue.
  6. You do not need to create the Enterprise ID unless you want to use metadata or webhooks. Click Continue.

    Once the integration is installed, you will see a confirmation screen:

    This installs the Box Service in ManyWho, and you can start using it to build flows.

Installing the ManyWho app in Box
  1. Log in to your Box account, and click this link.
  2. Click the + Add button.
    This installs the ManyWho app in Box.

Configuring metadata/webhooks for Enterprise accounts

If your app will be using metadata or webhooks, a server-to-server app authorization is needed.


  • ManyWho credentials
  • Box credentials
  • Box – Enterprise ID (You can find the Box enterprise ID in the Box Admin Console.)
  • Box Service installed in ManyWho
  1. Log in to the Box Admin Console, and click the gear on the top right-hand corner to access Business Settings.
  2. Click Apps and scroll down to Custom Applications.
  3. Click Authorize New App. This opens a dialog box that asks for the API key of the application for which you would like to grant access.
  4. Copy-paste the API key y86x8rnhjb4x4n659vqo9h15jg1bu0o2 and click Next. This opens the App Authorization dialog box.
  5. Click Authorize.
  6. Retrieve your Enterprise ID from the Box Admin Console.
  7. Click LOG IN to login to the ManyWho Drawing Tool.
  8. Click Services and click the pencil next to the Box Service.
  9. Click Update Service.
  10. Click Select or create a New Value in the Value field for  Enterprise ID under Configuration.
  11. Click Create a new Value.
  12. In the Name field, enter Box Enterprise ID.
  13. Select String from the What kind of Value is this? menu.
  14. Enter your Enterprise ID in the Default Value field.
  15. Click Save.
  16. Click Continue.
  17. Click Save Service.

Check out the ManyWho glossary for a definition of terms and key concepts that appear in the ManyWho website, Drawing Tool, technical documentation, blogs, and marketing communications.

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Box service and copyrights are owned by Box.