Configuring user approvals with voting

You can use voting to configure multi-user approvals. For example, you can configure your flow to take a certain execution path, only if a certain number/percentage of your users click on a particular outcome. A real-life example may be a procurement order that will go ahead only if two or more vice presidents approve the order.

The first end-user to click on an outcome contained in a voting map element, will force the platform to “lock” the page from any further user inputs; effectively the map element becomes read-only until the vote is completed.

The actual implementation of the voting algorithm is determined by the service you are using.

The Page and Step elements support voting.

Here is how you can set up voting:

  1. Double-click the element where you want to set up voting. (For example, if you were to set up voting for Step 2 in this flow, you’d click the Step 2 element twice.) Remember, voting can be set up for elements that show the user a screen – steps and page layouts.

    This opens a configuration panel.
  2. Expand the Advanced options.
  3. Scroll down to Voting. There are two options here – Count and Percent.

    Select the one you would like to use.
    Selecting Count lets you set up the minimum number of votes you would want before the flow can continue.

    Selecting Percent, yes you have guessed it right, lets you set up the minimum percent of votes you would want before the flow can continue.
  4. Save the step to save the changes.