Configuring your storage (Using the API)

A store is a location used to store runtime data from the Boomi Flow platform externally. Having an external data store, outside the realms of where the Flow platform stores runtime data, gives you even more granular control over your flow runtime data. For example, you can have the data reside on your favorite cloud, or even on-prem, if you like.

An external data store can be used for specific data residency and compliance requirements, giving you the freedom to decide where your runtime data ultimately resides, based on your unique business needs.

You will have to change a tenant setting in the API first, to start using an external data store. Here is how:

  1. Click API.

    This opens the in-built Flow API editor.
  2. Copy-paste api/admin/1/tenant in the address bar and click GET.

    This will populate the Response column with your tenant information.
  3. Copy the information and paste it on the Request column.
  4. You can update three lines of code under externalStorageSettings in the Request column, based on your business needs.
    — Change the value of enableReplication to true from false if you want to enable replication of your data in both the external storage and default Flow storage.
    — Change the value of enableStates to true from false. This starts saving your state data in your external store.
    — Change the value of globalStoreId to the id of your datastore from null.
    This is what the column will look like:
  5. Click POST.

That’s all! Your tenant is updated with the new settings now. New state changes will now be going to your external storage.