Core 1.105.0

February 21, 2018


  • Improved how the core interacts with the caching layer. This should help alleviate issues with caching timeouts
  • Added new API endpoints for getting elements that are used in a flow:
    • api/draw/1/element/flow/{flowId}/service
    • api/draw/1/element/flow/{flowId}/type
    • api/draw/1/element/flow/{flowId}/value
    • api/draw/1/element/flow/{flowId}/tag
    • api/draw/1/element/flow/{flowId}/page
    • api/draw/1/element/flow/{flowId}/macro


  • Error when initializing a flow with a flow id
  • Error when publishing a flow if it contained a reference to a value that doesn’t exist
  • Getting a flow snapshot via the API endpoint api/draw/1/flow/snap/{id}