Core 1.136.0

November 25th, 2019

Bug Fixes

  • CORE-5508: Fixed the start element going missing in some scenarios
    • This requires manual intervention to resolve:
      1. Using the API tool, load your flow using the /api/draw/1/flow endpoint, and make a note of the startMapElementId property
      2. Load the start map element using the startMapElementId from #1 and the /api/draw/1/flow/(flowId)/(flowId)/element/map/(startMapElementId) endpoint
      3. Copy the response into the left-hand pane, and perform a POST request to /api/draw/1/flow/(flowId)/(flowId)/element/map
      4. Close and re-open your flow, and the start element should be back in place
  • CORE-5508: Fixed identity services sometimes not being imported when snapshotting
  • CORE-5516: Fixed navigation elements sometimes going missing
  • CORE-5410: Fixed potential username enumeration vulnerability
  • CORE-5474: Increased performance of the endpoint that lists players
  • CORE-5368: Increased performance when installing services with large, complex types
  • CORE-5338: Fixed the inability to update services that use multiple type bindings (i.e. the MDH service)