Core 1.144.0

18th February, 2020


  • The “Public” access type has been added to value elements, as this type of access is required as part of the new subflows functionality. Any values that have been defined as being of ‘Public’ access type when the value was created are automatically passed between a master flow and it’s subflow. (CORE-5581)


  • The SAML authentication RelayState and TargetResource parameters have been reduced in size to meet IdP standards that specify these values should not be bigger than 80 bytes in size. (CORE-5594)
  • Object type values were not being translated correctly when translating a flow. With this fix, object type values can now be translated correctly. (CORE-5602)
  • Using values in a subflow map element without importing them would result in an error being displayed. With this fix, any value elements used within a Subflow map element are now automatically imported into the current flow, removing the need for a manual import of the selected values. (CORE-5589)