Core 1.155.0

25th June, 2020


  • An “Object reference is not set to an instance of an object” error was displayed when executing a subflow where public values were not referenced by the subflow. With this fix, the error is no longer displayed, and subflows that do not include public values referenced by the subflow will run as expected. (FLOW-1703)
  • Using the DELETE /api/admin/1/organization/tenants/{id} endpoint to try to remove subtenants from organizations would result in a successful request, but the subtenant would not be removed as subtenants inherit their parent tenant organization. With this fix, the request will now be unsuccessful and an error message displayed to inform the user that subtenants cannot be added or removed to/from organizations. (FLOW-1510)
  • If a user had previously rejected a tenant invitation to an organization, accepting any subsequent invitations would not result in the user successfully joining the organization. With this fix, accepting an invitation allows a user to join the organization, regardless of whether the user had previously rejected a tenant invitation.  (FLOW-1490)