Creating a custom theme

With Boomi Flow, we can use themes to change the look-and-feel of our apps. A theme produces a harmonious design for the elements within an app, and changes the way it is rendered to the end-user. Boomi Flow uses Bootstrap; which means we have access to all the themes built by the friendly neighborhood developers at Bootswatch, out of the box. The themes are open source and released under the MIT license.

If we like, we can also create our own themes. Here is how:

  1. Namespace the theme’s CSS to .mw-bs. The easiest way to do this is to wrap it in a Less file.

  1. Upload the CSS with the namespace to a publicly available URL.
  2. Create a new player.
  3. Add the following JavaScript code to the top of the initialize function just before manywho.settings.initialize in the new player.
    manywho.theming.custom('Theme CSS URL goes here');
Note: Custom themes need to be Bootstrap 3 compatible.
Check out: