Creating a decision

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A decision element in Boomi Flow lets us create conditional routing – where one incoming sequence gets split into two or more outgoing sequences, based on pre-conditions.

You add the Decision element to the canvas just like you would any other element.

  1. Drag a Decision element from the sidebar to the canvas.
  2. Enter a name for the element in the Name field in the configuration panel and click Save Decision.
  3. Diagram out the subsequent elements. For example:
  4. Connect the outcomes. For example:
  5. Now add the relevant business rules. For example:
  6. And save the decision.

You can also create outcomes from the Decision element itself, if you have elements the outcomes can connect to.

  1. Click New Outcome.
  2. Enter a name for the outcome.
  3. Under Actions, enter the element you want the outcome to connect to. For example, Option 1.
  4. Click Edit Business Rules. 
  5. Add a business rule for the outcome, and click Save.
  6. Click Apply Outcome.
  7. Click Save Decision.

    You can see the outcome has been added:

    You can add the second outcome the same way.
Boomi Flow Ninja: Keep an eye out for data dependencies when you are creating decisions, especially if your data is crossing organizational boundaries during the decision.

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