Creating a new subtenant

Boomi Flow uses a multi-tenant architecture for data isolation. You can create separate subtenants within your tenant to provide different groups of users within your company different access rights, or to create different deployment environments (Development, Production etc.).

To create a subtenant:

  1. Click LOG IN to login to the Boomi Flow Drawing Tool, and click Tenant.
  2. Click New Sub Tenant.
  3. Enter a name for the new subtenant in the Create Sub Tenant field. Example: IA or Finance.
  4. Click Create. You will get a screen that says Sub Tenant Configured.
  5. Click Back to Tenant. This opens the Tenant tab where you can see the newly-created subtenant listed under subtenants.

The subtenant name uses the following naming convention: @{subtenant name}+{main tenant name} (You do not need to enter your username in this format – the Boomi Flow Engine automatically does the conversion.) This will be your username. You can login to the subtenant the same way you log in to your tenant in the Boomi Flow Drawing Tool. Subtenants use the same password as the tenant under which it is created.