Creating a public team site in SharePoint

One way to work with (or play around) with a Flow and SharePoint integration, is to create a public team site; and configure the Flow SharePoint service with the site credentials.

Here is how we can create a quick demo site in SharePoint:

  1. Log in to your SharePoint account.
  2. Click Create site.
  3. Select Team site.
  4. Copy-paste Jet pack – Operational acceptance testing in the Site name field.

    This populates the Group email address field. SharePoint also generates the site address for us.
  5. Copy-paste Working with Boomi Flow to test jet packs in the Site description field. For the purposes of this particular tutorial, let’s set the Privacy settings to Public – anyone in the organization can access this site.
  6. Click Next.
  7. If we like, we can add additional owners/members to the group at this point. Click Finish.

    Alright! We now have a Jetpack – Operational acceptance testing group in SharePoint.