Creating a sub-navigation

The navigation element lets you link and group elements into a menu bar. You can link to any map element using the navigation.

You can also organize menu items as a sub-navigation, by linking additional elements under parent items in the menu. This is now a sub-navigation is rendered:

Let’s say you have a navigation like this:

  1. Hover your mouse on Home. This pulls up the sub-navigation bar.
  2. Clicking the + icon shows up the configuration options for the new menu item. Enter a name and label for the menu item, and select a map element to link the menu to. (Let’s say, ‘Contact Us). Click Save when done. You can see the sub-navigation now:
  3. Click the + icons to add any additional menu items you would like. Click Save Navigation when done.

Goody bag

  1. Here is the app link:
  2. Use this sharing token to import the flow in your tenant: wxSFW7VWmQ9ELKpy97E1Lll8TdqMz6rOh/vCtLQYfQwW+Q5ePq6Ohikdt/a7tgXd
Boomi Flow Ninja: You can create a hierarchy of navigation items, however, when a parent navigation item has child navigation items, the parent navigation item does not perform the navigation request using the default UI. As a result, the parent is effectively disabled. If this is not the desired behavior, override the standard navigation rendering code in the UI framework.

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