Creating an object

Types in Flow are used to create representations of real world objects. We can think of types as blueprints – we can create objects based on this blueprint, or a list of objects.

Let’s say, we have a type called Best Grunge Songs. How do we create a single object of the Best Grunge Songs type? Well, it is a song!


  • A custom type (We can call it Best Grunge Songs, if we like) with a String property called Name.
  1. Click Values to open the Values tab.
  2. Click New Value.
  3. Copy-paste Smells like teen spirit in the Name field.
  4. Select Object as the option for What Kind of Value is this field.

    This opens the option for What Type of Value is this.
  5. Click Select a Type.

    This opens a dialog box listing all the types in our current tenant.
  6. Select Best Grunge Songs from the list.
  7. Click Save Value.

    This saves the Smells like teen spirit as a ContentObject value of the Best Grunge Songs type.

If we like, we can add default object data when we are creating the object as well. For example, let’s expand the Default Object Data option here:

Remember our custom type had a property called Name? We can add a default value for Name here. Needless to say, this property can be populated from a service or during runtime as well.

Now.. wait a second. What do we do if we want multiple objects? Teen Spirit is not the only song we like!

Easy peasy. We create a list of objects.