Creating an operator

The operator element lets us change the state of a value. We can do this with standard operations (like, add two values, or empty this value). We also have the option of using macro operations for more sophisticated operations (like, calculating a percentage, random number assignments, and so on).

To create an operator:

  1. Drag an Operator element to the canvas.

    This opens a configuration panel.
  2. Give the operator a name.
  3. Click New Operation to create the operation. The operations we can perform, depend on the values we are using to perform the operations on. For example, here is an operation we can do with strings.

    If we are using numbers:

    We can also run macros from the operator element.

    Or use it to override a navigation..
  4. Click Save Operator when done.

    This closes the configuration panel, and we see the operator name has been updated in the element on the canvas.