Creating custom types

Types in Flow are used to create representations of real world objects. We can think of types as blueprints – we can create objects based on this blueprint, or a list of objects. (Values in Boomi Flow are similar to variables in programming. In programming terms, a type is a type/interface.)

Let’s see how we can create a type:

  1. Click Types.

    This opens the Types tab.
  2. Click New Type. This takes us to the type creation screen.
  3. Enter a name for the type in the Name field. Add properties by clicking New Property. Properties can be of the following content types – Boolean, Content, Date/Time, List, Number, Object, Password, String, Encrypted.
  4. Click Apply Property when done, and Save Type to save the type.

If we are importing a service, types associated with the service get created automatically. For example, here are a list of types that come with the Salesforce service: