Creating a new player

A Boomi Flow player is the interface used to render our apps.

Boomi Flow players use themes (think of them as skins) for the app. Boomi Flow ships with all of the Bootswatch themes as standard, as well as the Salesforce 1 theme.

All Boomi Flow tenants ship with a default player, that can be used to run apps. You can also create a new player, and customize the CSS code to your liking.

Here is how we can create a new player:

  1. Click Players.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter a name for the player in the Name field.
  4. The player needs to be based on an existing player. Let’s select the default player.
  5. Click Save. You will get a message saying Player saved successfully.
  6. Close the message.
  7. Refresh the list of players by clicking the Refresh icon.

    The new player is now available in the list of players.
  8. Select the new player.

    This populates the editor with the CSS code of the default player, which can be edited and saved as the new player.
  9. Make the necessary edits, and click Save. You will get a message saying Player saved successfully.
  10. Close the message, and refresh the players list.

The new player is now available to your tenant and ready to be used.

Check out the Boomi Flow glossary for a definition of terms and key concepts that appear in the Boomi Flow website, Drawing Tool, technical documentation, blogs, and marketing communications.

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