Creating outcomes

An outcome lets the user running the app move from one map element in the flow to another, or from one map element into another flow.

Here is how we create an outcome:
  1. Hover your mouse on an element in the canvas. The mouse pointer changes from a crossbar to a hand. The element is outlined in green. (In the image, we are hovering the mouse on Step 1.)
  2. Drag an arrow from that element to the element you want to connect. This opens a configuration panel on the right-hand side.

    You can configure a name and label for the outcome from the configuration panel. The label is rendered as text in the button. The name is used as an API reference. The configuration panel does not show the field for Label for the outcome from the Start element and for elements that are not visible to your user.
  3. Enter a name and label for your outcome. The name and label can be the same, or different, based on your requirements. Example: Type Yes in the Name and Label fields.
  4. Click Save Outcome.

    This saves the outcome.
    You can see an arrow from Step 1 to Step 2 with the legend ‘Yes’ on the canvas.

    This is how the outcome is rendered in the app:

    Clicking on the ‘Yes’ button takes you to Step 1A.

All your flows will have at least one outcome, connecting the Start element to another element in the canvas.