Creating a page layout

With the Boomi Flow Page element you can lay out the structure of pages your users will interact with. The Page element is similar to the Step element in that it shows users a screen; however a page layout is extremely extensible and gives you a richer variety of options to structure and display rich content with. You can create your own components and containers using a page layout as well.

Once you create a page layout, it can be used by any flow in your tenant. If you reuse a page layout, it is pre-populated with the information gathered previously; which means any components you have added or your containers remain the same. If you edit the page layout in one flow, the page layout changes for the entire tenant.

You can create a page layout first, and then use it in a flow. To do this, click the Pages tab in the Drawing Tool, click New Page Layout, and configure the page layout. You can also create a page layout while building your flow, by dragging and drop a Page element to the canvas and configuring the page layout.

Let’s look at both the options:

Creating a page layout from the Drawing Tool – Pages tab
  1. Click LOG IN to login to the Boomi Flow Drawing Tool.
  2. Click Pages.
  3. Click New Page Layout.

    This opens a new page tab. You can configure the page from here.
Creating a page layout from the canvas – within a flow
  1. Drag a Page element from the left-hand-side navigation, to the canvas. This opens a Configuration Panel on the right.
  2. Enter a name for the page in the Name field. (Example: My page)
  3. Click New Page Layout. If you wanted to use an existing page layout, you could select it from the Select Page option here.

    This opens a new page tab. You can configure the page from here.

How to name the page layout and save it
  1. Click the gears Configuration icon on the right-hand side menu.
  2. Enter a name and label for the page in the Name and Label fields. (Example: My page)
  3. Click Save. This saves the name and the label for the page.
  4. Click the Save icon on the right-hand-side navigation to save the page.

    Once the page is saved, you will see the name of the page changes from New Page in the tab to the page name.
Note: Page layouts do not get saved automatically. Click the Save icon on the right-hand-side navigation to save the page frequently, while working on your flow.

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