Creating steps

The Step element lets us display content to end-users. The step gets converted into an app screen, when we run the app.

A step element can contain videos, images, tables, links, presentations, or code snippets.

Once a step is created, it can be modified or deleted. Deleting a step can not be undone.

Here is how we create a new step:

  1. Drag a Step element to the Boomi Flow canvas.

    This opens a configuration panel on the right.
  2. Enter a name for the step in the Name fieldThis name is visible to the flow builder only, and is not shown to the user.
  3. Add the content that you want to show the user in the content editor. Example: Such content. Very excite. Much wow app!

    You can format the content (say, add headlines) or add images/tables, etc. The Advanced options lets us configure outcomes, navigation override, voting, feedback, and comments.
  4. Click Save Step.
    This is what the canvas looks like now:

    This is how the Step gets rendered on the app:

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Note: You need to create at least one outcome connecting the Step element before you can run the flow.
Boomi Flow Ninja: Use short, descriptive names for the Step elements.

Check out the glossary for a definition of terms and key concepts that appear in the Boomi Flow website, drawing tool, technical documentation, blogs, and marketing communications.

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