Creating the Case page

This is part of the smart farm IoT implementation guide.

    1. We will create a new page layout called Case.
    2. We we will use the presentation component to show what the page is all about.
    3. Copy-paste IoT Cases in the Name field of the configuration panel.
    4. Click View > Source code in the content editor…

      … and copy-paste the following code.
    5. Click Ok and then Save Component.
    6. We will use a table next.
    7. Copy-paste Case Details in the Name and Label fields.
    8. The option for Editable should be checked off and the option for Searchable on in Settings.
    9. The type of data to be provided is CaseMockType. We will get the data from a list value. The value that holds the data is CaseMockLists.
    10. The option for Save the whole selection should be checked.
    11. Click Select or create a new value.
    12. Select the CaseMock object value.
    13. We will add seven columns to display the respective properties of the CaseMock type. This is super simple to do. Click Add Column, select a property from the dropdown menu, write down the name of the property as the label, and click Apply Column. All the columns will be displayed. Here is how we created the first column:

      This is how the columns look once we are done adding them:
    14. Click Save Component. Tada! We have a fully-functional page. In just 14 steps at that too! 🙂 Okay, this is what the page layout looks like now:

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