Deleting a builder

A builder is a person who builds flows. You can add multiple builders to a Flow tenant.

Here is how you can delete a builder from a tenant.


If you like, let’s begin by watching a 15-second video. We can also jump directly to the instructions (right after the video).

The steps to follow along…
  1. Click LOG IN to login to the Boomi Flow Drawing Tool.
  2. Click Tenant.

    This opens the Tenant tab. We can see the list of builders that are added to the tenant here.
  3. Click the Delete icon next to the builder you want to remove from the tenant.

    This opens a confirmation screen that confirms the action.
  4. Click Remove User.

Once we have deleted a builder, she will not be able to access the tenant again. However, we can add her back as a builder if we like again.