Deleting a decision

You would delete a Decision element, much like you would delete any other map element on the canvas. Keep in mind, you need to remove the dependencies before you delete the element.

For example, say you have a flow like this:

Before you can delete the Decision element, you need to remove the dependencies first – the two outcomes connected to it.

Once you have deleted the dependencies, click to select the Decision element. You can now see a trash can delete icon next to it.

Click the icon. This opens a confirmation panel on the right. Click Delete.

What happens if we want to delete the decision without deleting both the outcomes first? We get a system alert message:

You will also get an email with additional details on your dependency. In this case, this is the email we got:

Alert Message

The Element you’re attempting to delete cannot be deleted as it has dependencies. The Element you’re trying to delete is: To be or not to be. The Elements that are dependent on this Element are listed below:

Map Elements:
Start (id:ca25a71c-fe39-4c9b-a4f4-7b2062a797c7) –

To delete the Element, you must first remove the above dependencies.

Note: You cannot undo the delete. 

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