Deleting a flow

The Flows tab in the Boomi Flow drawing tool lists all the flows we have in a particular tenant. We can delete a flow by clicking the delete icon on the specific flow tile.

  1. Let’s click the delete icon on the flow we want to delete.

    This opens the Confirm Delete screen.
  2. Click Delete.

    This deletes the flow.
Note // 

When we publish a flow, the Flow engine creates a snapshot version of the flow. This snapshot is the package that is sent to the Flow platform runtime engine. When we delete a flow, we delete the flow from the tenant. However, once a flow is published, the snapshot of the flow is not deleted. This means, even though a deleted flow is not available from the Flows tab, the flow snapshot continues to exist in the tenant.

One way to see a deleted flow would be from the Select a Flow dropdown menu in the Export section of the Import/Export tab.

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