Deleting a Step

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You can delete a step from the flow diagram by clicking the step to select it, clicking the delete icon, and confirming you want to delete the step in the configuration panel.

Let’s say you want to delete Step 3 in this flow:

This step has an outcome attached to it; which is a dependency. Before we delete the step, we have to make sure we delete this dependency first. Select the outcome, and press fn + delete together (the Delete key on Windows) to delete the outcome. This is what the canvas looks like now:

Click the Step to select it. You can now see a trash can delete icon next to it.

Click the icon. This opens a confirmation panel on the right.

Click Delete.

You can see the step element has been deleted from the canvas.

What happens if we want to delete the step without deleting the outcome first? We get a system alert message.

You will also get an email with additional details on your dependency. In this case, this is the email we got:

Alert Message

The Element you’re attempting to delete cannot be deleted as it has dependencies. The Element you’re trying to delete is: Step 3. The Elements that are dependent on this Element are listed below:

Map Elements:
Step 2 (id:f2d19dc1-81e9-49d8-a323-8aec38fe7b55) –

To delete the Element, you must first remove the above dependencies.

Note: You cannot undo the delete. 

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