Deleting a tenant

Halt! Are you sure? Absolutely, positively, one hundred per cent sure that you want to delete a tenant? The action is irreversible! You have been warned.

If you would still like to go ahead, here is how you can delete a tenant.

  1. Click LOG IN to log in to the drawing tool.
  2. Click API.

    This opens the API tab.
  3. Copy-paste api/admin/1/tenant as the endpoint.
  4. Click Delete. You will get the message DELETE to api/admin/1/tenant completed successfully.
  5. You’ve got mail! Check the email address associated with the tenant. You would’ve gotten an email that wants to make sure you want to delete the tenant.
  6. Click the link in the email. This is what you will see:

And we are done! The tenant is now deleted.

NOTE: You can only delete a tenant that has no flows. If your tenant has flows, delete the flows first, and then proceed to delete the tenant.