Deleting a service integration

Services can be deleted by clicking Services on the sidebar from the Home tab, and clicking the trash can icon next to the service you want to delete. Deleting a service deletes it from the entire tenant. Keep in mind, deleting services can not be undone.

  1. Click Services. This opens the Services page that lists all the services in this Boomi Flow tenant.
  2. Click the trash can icon next to the service you want to delete.
  3. In the Confirm Delete screen, click Delete.

If you try to delete a service integration that is being used in a flow, you will get the error message: Element cannot be deleted due to dependencies.Parameter name: Element.Dependencies.

If you get a dependencies error, check your email for the Boomi Flow system-generated detailed error message. This message lists where your dependencies may be, including in any map elements, etc that use the service.

Note:  When you delete a service, all types (if any) associated with the service are also deleted. If you have any values of a type associated with the service, the Boomi Flow platform will show a dependencies error.