Disabling navigation for select elements

We use the navigation element to build non-sequential workflows with Boomi Flow, where flow control passes from one element to another without waiting for a previous element to be executed. We have seen how easy it is to create a navigation/menus. It is equally easy to disable or grey-out parts of the menu.

For example, in this menu, Step 2 is not enabled for users:

Here is how disable select elements in the menu:
  1. Let’s say we have a simple flow with a few elements. We have also created a navigation for this flow that connects all the elements. Click any element in the flow. Say, Step 2 in this example.
  2. In the configuration panel that opens when we click the step, let’s expand the Advanced option.
  3. Scroll down to Override Navigation and click New Navigation Override.
  4. The navigation we have created is called Menu. Let’s select it as the navigation we want to override.
  5. Let’s select the item we want to override. Say, Step 2. In real-life scenarios, it is not a requirement for the element we want to override to not be connected to any other element.

    This is what the configuration panel looks like now:
  6. Uncheck the option for Should the item be enabled for users to select.
  7. Click Apply Navigation Override.
  8. Click Save Step.

Let’s run the flow now, and see how the navigation override is working:

This is what the first screen of the app looks like.

We click Go, which takes us to Step 3; bypassing Step 2 altogether.

What would have happened if the element was actually connected to other elements in the flow? Say, if the flow were to be something like this:

The navigation is the same as earlier here.

Let’s run the flow, and see what happens!

This is the first screen (same as earlier):

Things start getting interesting when we click Go:

Step 2 is disabled.

Did you notice, how in both the cases, the navigation override was not visible at the beginning of the flow? We see the override once we come to the designation element only. Neat, what!

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