Displaying buttons with icons

By default, app buttons in Boomi Flow do not come with icons. Do not despair; adding icons is as easy as adding an attribute. In fact we add buttons exactly by adding an attribute. Not only that, we can choose to display either just an icon, or icon and text.

Let’s get on with the program! First, we have a -second video on how to create buttons with icons/icons and text. Next, we have the steps outlined in detail.



  1. Double-click the outcome. This opens a configuration panel on the right.
  2. Click the + sign to expand the Advanced options.
  3. Select an option from the Appearance menu. Let’s say, Add.
  4. Click New Attribute.
  5. Type display in the key field for the attribute.
  6. Do we want to display the add icon only? Let us type icon in the value field for the attribute.

    If we want to display both the add icon and a text that says add – we will type iconandtext in the value field.
  7. Click Apply Attribute.
  8. Click Save Outcome.

Let’s run the flow.

Here is how the icon is rendered:

Here is how the icon and text combination is rendered:

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