Duplicating an element

If we are building a flow that uses the same element multiple times, we can duplicate the element on the canvas.


We will need
  1. Boomi Flow username/password  (Get a free Flow login here)
  2. A Flow tenant/subtenant with Identity Service installed
  3. A flow

If you like, let’s begin by watching a 15-second video. We can also jump directly to the instructions (right after the video).

The steps to follow along…
  1. Click the element to select it. This shows the copy and trash icons.
  2. Click the copy icon.

    This creates a duplicate of the element on the canvas.
  3. We can rename the element.

What does not get duplicated is the element ID. The duplicated element is assigned a new ID by the platform. (We can see the element ID in the metadata.)

What happens when we duplicate a page element?

A reference to the page layout is duplicated. However, a duplicate of the actual page layout is not created.

We can not create duplicates of outcomes. A flow can only have a single starting point; which means we can not create duplicates of the Start element either.

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