Editing a value

We can edit a value by clicking the Values tab in the Flow drawing tool, clicking the Edit button next to it, making the necessary edits when the values configuration screen opens, and saving the value.

Let’s take a look:

  1. Click Values.

    This opens the Values tab.
  2. Let’s find the value we want to edit (say, AlienArms) and click the Edit icon next to it.

    This opens the configuration screen for that particular value.
  3. Some of us are from Mars, and some of us are from Venus. All that is very well, but how how many arms does an alien have? Let’s take a wild guess, and say, four. Type 4 in the Default Value field.
  4. Let’s click Save Value to save the change.

Values are shared elements.. which means one value can be used in many flows. If we have multiple flows using the value we just edited, the changes will be reflected across all the flows.