Editing flow properties

We can edit the properties of a flow, after we have built it. Here is how:

  1. Open the canvas with the flow.
  2. Click the Properties icon on the right-hand side navigation.

    This opens the Flow Properties dialog box.
  3. We can change the name of the flow, flow access, and the option for social feed from here.

    Name — Is the name of the flow. We can rename the flow if we like, from here.
    Access —
    We have three options. 1.| Anyone can run this flow. (The app is public.) 2.| Any user that can login with the selected Identity Service can run this flow. (The app needs authentication. For example, users with Salesforce credentials only, will be able to run the app.) 3.| Create restrictions for specific users and groups of users. (The app can restrict access to certain users. For example, only the user that logs in with [email protected] can access the Jarvis app.)
    Social feed for collaboration — There are two options. 1.| None. (There is no social feed.) 2.| Display a social feed. (We can choose to display a social feed. For example, Chatter with Salesforce.)
  4. We can also edit some of the more advanced flow options. Expand the Advanced option.

    We can configure Groups, Users, Identity Service, Navigation, and State from here. We can also add any comments we may like. Comments are notes visible to builders only.
  5. Once we are done editing, we will click Save Flow to save the updated properties.