Embedding a flow in SharePoint

SharePoint is a collaboration platform from the Microsoft stable. Boomi Flow works seamlessly with the platform — Flow apps can be run from within SharePoint in a heart beat. Let’s see how we can embed a flow in SharePoint:


  1. The first thing we will do is create a new team site in SharePoint. (If we have an existing site we would want to use, that works too!)
  2. Click New and select App.
  3. Select the Boomi Flow Dev app.

    This opens the app installation dialog box.
  4. Click Trust It.

    This installs the Boomi Flow app in our SharePoint site. We can see it listed under the site Contents.
  5. Let’s add a new page. Click New again and select Page this time.
  6. We need a name for the page. How about Sample app?
  7. Click the +icon. This lists the content we can add to our Sample app page; for example, we can add a Divider, Bing Maps or a Group Calendar. We will add a flow.
  8. Select Boomi Flows.

    Yes, it really as simple as this! All the awesomeness and power of Flow is hereby at our disposal!
  9. And now comes the fun part! We can select the app we will embed. Click the Edit icon for the Sample app page.

    This enables us to edit the page, including the Boomi Flow add in.
  10. Click Edit web part.

    This gives us the options to enter the information that will enable us to run the flow inside SharePoint. Again, this is super-simple!

    We can copy the Tenant ID and Flow ID to embed the flow. If we like, we can also use a version of the flow with the Flow Version ID. We even have the options to chose the Flow player and the debug mode from within SharePoint!
  11. Let’s try this for ourselves now! We are using a test flow – perhaps you can try filling in the blanks with a flow from your tenant, that you would like to see in SharePoint?

    By the way, this is the app we embedded:

    Needless to say, apps in real-life scenarios will hardly be just one step, or this simple! And that is okay. Flow can handle any complexity we throw at it with elan! Okay, we will click Apply when done, as you may have guessed from the earlier image.
  12. We will want to publish the page, of course.. Click Publish.

    Our SharePoint page with the Flow app is now published, and ready to be shared.