Enabling data replication (Using the drawing tool)

Data replication is the wise choice of storing your data in more than one place. Data replication is also intended as a precursory step in migrating runtime data from a tenant already in use to your own external storage; this way, you make sure no data is lost between the time a migration starts and when you turn on external storage-only.

Here is how to enable replication:

  1. Click External Storage to open the External Storage tab.

    All the stores that are present in the tenant are listed here.
  2. Select your external store from the Select Global Tenant Store option.
  3. Check the box next to States – All state data stored about my running flows.
  4. Check the box next to Yes, save data in the selected store and in the Boomi Flow Cloud.
  5. Click Save Settings. You will get a success message saying Settings changes saved.