Enabling the time picker

Content under development

By default the date picker does not display the time or allow users to specify a time, when selecting a date the time component will default to “now”. You can enable the time picker by performing the following:

  1. Login to the build tool here: https://flow.manywho.com/play/build
  2. Run a GET command on api/draw/1/element/page/{pageId} where {pageId} should be replaced with the id of the Page Layout that contains the date picker that you want to edit
  3. Copy & paste the JSON from the right hand pane into the left hand pane
  4. Locate the JSON for the relevant date picker (it will be in the pageComponents array)
  5. Edit the attributes property to the following:
    "attributes": {
        "dateTimeLocale": "en-us",
        "dateTimeFormat": "MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm:ss"
  6. Run a POST command on api/draw/1/element/page to save the Page Layout

More information on accepted dateTimeFormat strings can be found here: http://momentjs.com/

The time picker will be displayed when a time component exists in the format string (e.g. hh:ss), you can find more information on compatible format strings here: http://momentjs.com/docs/#/displaying/format/ and supported locales here: https://github.com/moment/moment/tree/develop/locale