Flow Azure service: Restricting app to certain users within a user group

This is part of Tutorial: Creating restrictions with the Flow Azure service.

Here is how we are building the flow:

    1. Create a new flow using the Flow Azure service for authentication.
    2. We will name the flow Service example – UG in this tutorial.
    3. Select Create restrictions for specific users and groups of users as the option for Access.
    4. Expand the Advanced menu.
    5. We are going to be selecting groups now. Click Add Group. This opens a screen where we see all the user groups we have created in our Active Directory.
    6. Let’s select the Jet pack – Operational acceptance testing group. Which attribute of the selected group do we want to chose? We will select Users.
    7. Click Apply Group when done. This is what the screen looks like now:
    8. Click Add User. This opens a screen where we see all the users we have created in our Active Directory.
    9. Select the users we want to restrict the flow to. Which attribute of the selected user do we want to use as as a criteria? Let’s go with Account ID.
    10. Click Apply User.

      This is what the configuration looks like now:
    11. We can now click Start Building and get started on building our flow.

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