Hiding the navigation bar on specific map elements

Content under development

You can disable or hide individual parts or the whole navigation bar by adding an override to a specific map element. For example if you have a Step / Page in your flow that you don’t want to display the navigation on you would add an override like the following to the map elements metadata:

"navigationOverrides": [
        "isEnabled": true,
        "isVisible": false,
        "navigationElementId": "<id of the navigation to hide>",
        "navigationItemId": "<id of the navigation item to hide>" // Set to an empty guid to hide the entire nav bar e.g. 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
        "locationMapElementId" "<id of the map element the navigation item points to>" // Omit if you are hiding / disabling the entire nav bar

You can edit a map elements metadata by opening the flow in the draw tool, then open the build tool (Options > Build) then do a GET on api/draw/1/flow/{flowid}/{editingtoken}/element/map?filter= (If the flow is open in the draw tool the flowid & editing token will already be set

The navigation override will continue to take affect for every subsequent map element that is navigated to until it has been cleared. You can clear navigation overrides by setting “clearNavigationOverrides” to true on a map element.