How secure are Boomi Flow apps?

Boomi Flow is built for enterprise applications, and is architecturally designed to be a highly secure platform. We have a comprehensive compliance and security program, that meets or exceeds several industry standards. We also conduct periodic third-party security audits.

This is a snapshot of our current security programs:

Boomi Flow is compliant with the HIPAA security requirements. You can find more information on how Boomi Flow complies with HIPAA here.

Boomi Flow is a PCI-DSS Level 4 service provider. You can find more information on how Boomi Flow complies with PCI-DSS here.

ISO 27001
Accredited certification to ISO 27001 demonstrates that Boomi Flow is following international information security best practices, this helps to ensure the security of your information assets. You can find more information on ISO27001 compliance here.

The Boomi Flow platform has been implemented using the HITRUST CSF v7.

You can find more information on our security and compliance programs here. If you have additional security requirements, please get in touch with us.