How to change the UI of an app?

Building an app with Boomi Flow is easy. You can create your UI using our drag and drop tooling without writing a single line of code. Often, however, you may wish to customize the UI in various ways.


You may have specific branding requirements for your company. You’ll be pleased to hear that Boomi Flow is built using Twitter Bootstrap (the world’s most popular UI framework, used by 100s of millions of users). As a result, you can extend our existing UI using CSS or even create custom themes. We ship with all of the Bootswatch themes as standard, as well as the Salesforce 1 theme.


Many of our standard components include advanced features. Make sure you check out our documentation to find out the cool extra things you can do with our UI. All of this can be configured using our point and click Drawing Tool.


You might want to create a unique UI component for your app. For example, the ability to scan QR codes or capture a digital signature. It may be that our community has built a UI component that does this already, so it’s worth having a look. If it doesn’t do exactly what you need, you might even contribute!


Your users can be anywhere. Make your apps available inside various applications including Salesforce and SharePoint. In addition, you can make your apps offline and/or create your own mobile/tablet apps using Cordova.

Developer Framework

If the UI component you’re looking for doesn’t exist in our standard UI and no one has built it yet, it’s time to dust of your software engineering skills! You can use our HTML5 Framework to build new custom components super fast. We use the ever popular Facebook React framework so you can get developing super fast. If you create something cool, please share it with the community! They’ll love you for it.

Check out the glossary for a definition of terms and key concepts that appear in the Boomi Flow website, Drawing Tool, technical documentation, blogs, and marketing communications.

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