Importing a flow

We can import a flow from a different builder or a new tenant and use it in our current tenant. Flows can be exported/imported as a JSON (JSON or JavaScript Object Notation is a lightweight data-interchange format).

Here is how we do it:

  1. Click LOG IN to login to the Boomi Flow Drawing Tool.
  2. Under Tools in sidebar, select Import & Export.

    This opens the Import/Export tab.
  3. Let’s upload the flow file we want to import.
  4. We will see the message: Flow imported successfully.
    The flow is now available in our tenant, and available by clicking Flows in the sidebar.

(Make sure to publish the flow, before you run it!)

Boomi Flow Ninja: When we import a flow, the services used in the flow will also be imported. We recommend updating the services after importing the flow; this will update the types, so the service can be used in subsequent flows. If the service is not updated, types not in use by the imported flow would not be recognized by the service.