Importing a page layout

Here is how to import a page layout from your tenant to a flow:

  1. Click Shared Elements.
  2. Select Pages. This shows a list of pages already being used in your flow. (In this example, we are not using any pages yet, so the list is empty.)
  3. Click Import Existing. This lists all the pages available in your tenant.
  4. Click the Import button next to the page layout you want to use in your flow. Example: File Upload.

    This imports the page layout in your tenant.
  5. Click Close.

To use the page layout you have imported:

Drag a Page element from the sidebar to the canvas.

You will find the page layout in the Select Page dropdown menu.

Select the page layout, give it a Name, and click Save Page.

The page layout is now imported in the flow. Keep in mind, if you edit the page layout here, this will affect any other flows using the same page layout – the changes are not just reflected in this particular flow, but the entire tenant.