Importing a type

Shared elements are elements we can share across multiple flows. These elements are ‘global’ for the tenant, and lets us build once and re-use the elements for different flows. A type is one such Flow shared element.

Here is how we can import a type to a flow:

  1. Click Shared Elements on the right-hand-side navigation in the canvas.

    This opens the Shared Elements dialog box, listing all the values, pages, types, services, and macros in our flow.
  2. Click Types to open the Types tab.

    This lists all the types that are already available to be used in the flow.
  3. Click Import Existing.

    This lists all the types available in our tenant.
  4. Click the Import button next to the type we want to import. Say, Best Grunge Songs.
  5. Click Close to close the dialog box.

    This imports the type to our flow.